Stephen B. Antonakos, aka Homeboy Steve, was born and raised on the island of Manhattan, New York City, U.S.A. As a child he pressed his ears against the window of the West End Cafe to hear Tiny Grimes and listened to Cousin Brucie on AM radio. He played tambourine in a grade school band, The Teacher's Dilemma. Greek records were played on the family hi fi. Further musical ambitions were delayed until the needle dropped on the Allman Brothers'  Eat a Peach side three.  After decades of playing,  jamming, busking, practicing and listening, his love for music remains intact.

    Homeboy Steve thinks that there's one or two good songs left that haven't already been written and he presents his attempts to write and perform them accompanied by his guitar and other friends.

    Welcome to my website. Set a spell, Look around. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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                                                  ** Bodega Rock **



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