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Sunday July 21

Bruce  Hathaway Memorial

The Treehouse at 2A

Upstairs at 2A

25 Ave. A @ corner 2nd St



Please join us for a semi-intimate gathering for a celebration of the life of

Bruce Hathaway—

erstwhile husband, composer, producer, and member of Love Camp 7.

It will be a fairly loose affair: a buncha people performing, and some reminiscences.

Anyone who would like to tell a brief story about Bruce will be very much encouraged to take mic in hand.

Your MC: Mr. Danny Kessler

Your Hosts: Dann Baker, Gil Shuster, Irene Sweeney

On hand to serenade you:

Kenny & the Eggplants

Dann Baker (of Love Camp 7, Psychic Lines, Elgin Marbles)

Debby Schwartz (the legendary Aquanetta)

Stephen B. Antonakos (aka Homeboy)

Tim Reedy (Wantagh’s favorite son)

George Sempepos (noted player of stringed instruments and DJ)

Dave Mandl (FMU radio personality)

Erica Smith (golden-locked thrush)

Rebecca Turner (singer/songer from the wilds of NJ)

Sue Raffman (dulcet-toned warbler)

2A’s own Tom Clark

Hummus and grape leaves may be on hand.


Jerry Dugger & The Rusty Rainbow

Frenchmen Street meets Bleecker Street

Every Sunday

The Red Lion

151 Bleecker Street

NY NY 10012


11pm - 3am