Blox N Box

Custom Carpentry

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Stephen B. Antonakos

210 E. 17th St. Apt. 6C

NYC, NY 10003

(212) 673-0705

    Blox N Box is the name I have given to a series of wooden playground equipment that I have built based on blocks designed by Caroline Pratt of City & Country School in New York City. She based hers on the mathematical and geometric principles advocated by Friedrich Froebel (proportions of 1:2:4).

     Clients include The Downtown Little School, Rivendell School, The First Presbyterian Church Nursery School,  Purple Circle and Barrow St Nursery School, as well as private clients. The pieces include two sizes of six sided "blocks", five sided "boxes", planks and saw horses, as well as storage units. Each is sturdily constructed from 3/4" pine, and connections made with water base exterior grade glue and hardware. It is carefully sanded, and coated with one coat of a water base primer and two coats of exterior latex (water base) paint. They are also available in a non-toxic waterproof natural finish. I have customized pieces to fit the needs of individual clients, making double thick planks, shorter boxes and boxes with wheels. In addition, I provide follow up maintenance of repair and annual re-coating (recommended).

Click on the images below for larger image.

    Also pictured below are other custom pieces I have designed and/or built. 

Reasonable prices, available on request.